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Science Facilities at Halcyon: Tools to investigate our world


“Our students take responsibility for the planning, execution and evaluation of their lab experiments,” shares our Teaching Lab Technician, Tewolde Hagos, who sat down with us to provide a detailed insight into Halcyon’s lab environments. “They...

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Bringing Global Events into Learning at Home: IB Remote Lessons

As schools across the international community switch to Remote Learning platforms, educators are embracing the challenge of moving entire learning communities online: this includes academic schedules, extra-curricular activities, physical and...

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Making the transition to Halcyon

Changing schools - whether moving across a city or around the world - can be an exciting, albeit challenging time for any family and student. Transitions can be that much more successful thanks to the support, guidance, and welcome from the new...

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Halcyon launches English Plus programme and joins WIDA

This academic year, Halcyon London International School saw the launch of our new English Plus Programme, which allows Admissions to consider students who have a working proficiency of the English Language but may still require up to 18 months of...

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IB Service as Action

IB Service as Action: How Students Raised £350 for Peruvian Families

At the start of the academic year, Grade 8 embraced a challenging Service as Action project: making a real difference to the lives of families in Peru, who have been impacted by unemployment, uncertainty, and instability in wake of the global...

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Profile of an Aspiring Archaeologist: Explorations at Halcyon

During one Wednesday Exploration session, Halcyon welcomed some interesting guests: prehistoric arrowheads, clay tobacco pipes, and medieval hammered coins. These curious artefacts are part of a student’s personal collection - brought in by...

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Halcyon's New Website: Representing Our Community

Our new website features insights into our curriculum and our graduates’ lives beyond Halcyon, shared from our classrooms and from our alumni themselves.

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Supporting New Students: Navigating Change & Academic Challenge

Joining a new school is an important moment for both students and parents. While parents are always excited to wave goodbye to their child as they step onto their new school campus, they may wonder about how their child is faring in this new...

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Strategic Development: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Last school year we spent the first term engaged in a school wide consultation to develop our strategic outlook - to sign-post key strategic developments we wished to meet over the coming 2-3 years. This was ratified by the Board in...

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Halcyon Class of 2020 Graduation

Halcyon's Class of 2020 IB Results

We would like to congratulate Halcyon’s Class of 2020 on their IB Diploma results. Throughout this extraordinary year, the Class of 2020 has embraced every challenge and demonstrated their resilience and teamwork. They have managed the loss of...

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Social and Emotional Learning: Halcyon's Cooperation Challenge

Cooperation is a crucial skill for our students, key to becoming balanced, caring communicators that will thrive in the International Baccalaureate and make a difference in their lives beyond Halcyon. While we all recognise that we can achieve...

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Halycyon Ofsted Outstanding

Ofsted 2020: Halcyon Rated Outstanding In All Categories

“Pupils’ love of learning shines through at Halcyon. Leaders’ ambition for pupils to achieve their potential is high. Pupils’ quality of work is excellent. Pupils are respectful, self-confident, independent and quietly determined.”

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#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Digital Workouts in PHE

Throughout the Remote Learning period, our teachers have innovatively adapted our virtual learning environment to be more than just an online classroom. Our team has developed ways for our students to overcome the potential challenges of...

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Creating a Wellbeing Programme for #RemoteLearning

The members of Halcyon’s Wellbeing Team are woven into the vibrant fabric of on-campus school life. Speaking to different members of the team throughout our Remote Learning period, we learn that they have successfully adapted their presence to an...

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#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Connecting our Community

Ensuring our community feels "supported and connected" is crucial in these times. Having a place to reach out to engages our students in lessons, creates a space for family wellbeing and leads our parents to bring positive words of encouragement...

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#RemoteLearningSnapshot: Virtual Theatre

Our community-centric IBDP Theatre Arts performances are often insightful, reflective experiences for our students. Opening up the Media Room to students, staff, and parents alike, Theatre Arts classes embrace the responsibility of establishing...

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Communications For Your School In A Crisis

There are a number of crises that could affect a school. However, all of them will result in a finite number of emergency responses which you can be prepared for.

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Remote Learning at Halcyon: an interactive digital community

As the cheerful noise of the Google Hangouts Meet connection rings out, we’re faced by a smiling teacher in her living room who eagerly awaits the prompt to tell us all about her virtual lesson. English and English Plus (EAL) teacher Lindsey...

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Lunch at Halcyon: Designing a blueprint for healthy futures

Every Friday marks the end of a busy week for our Catering team. As our Kitchen Porters Richard and Michel safely wheel away the emptied bowls and plates from our cafeteria, our Chef Manager, Jackie, leads us into the Catering office to share an...

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Halcyon's Musical Students Shine in 'Music 2020'

In January, our Music teacher Mr Elia invited Mr John Themis and Mr Costas Rialas to ‘Music 2020’ - a unique opportunity for our students to learn from experience and build their songwriting skills. This is just one way of ensuring our...

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