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Halycyon Ofsted Outstanding

Ofsted 2020: Halcyon Rated Outstanding In All Categories

Pupils’ love of learning shines through at Halcyon. Leaders’ ambition for pupils to achieve their potential is high. Pupils’ quality of work is excellent. Pupils are respectful, self-confident, independent and quietly determined.”

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HL Mathematics: pioneering problem-solving

IBDP HL Mathematics is a challenging option: research from the University of Leeds suggests that this subject choice requires students to develop university-level skills from Grade 11. Indeed, a glance at the IB course description will have...

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IB vs A-Levels: University and Beyond

Choosing between embarking on an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) education and taking three A-Levels in the 21st century is simple.

While both curriculums have strengths, it is becoming ever clearer that the IBDP provides a...

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IB Visual Arts: Artist Paul Brandford visits Halcyon

Grade 10 and 11 Visual Arts students had an excellent opportunity to get their hands dirty - with charcoal - by learning from the very best in the figure drawing world. Paul Brandford (Royal Academy of Arts) made a special visit to Halcyon to...

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Holistic Language Learning with the IB Diploma Programme

Making room for a flexible and integrated connection with history and culture is part of the IB’s teaching philosophy: this allows for a holistic learning process which allows students to think about the world, rather than observe it, readying...

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ESS: Using the IB as a Holistic Framework

Despite the growing signs of autumn, Hyde Park is still thriving with biological diversity and scientific curiosities. Environmental Systems and Societies IB Diploma students packed an armoury of clipboards, pH meters and much more to find...

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English Plus at Halcyon: Building a Community

Our new English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher took a few minutes out of her busy work supporting students to give us an insight into how Halcyon’s new programme is already enriching students’ love of learning. 

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Student Wellbeing - This year’s goals

At Halcyon, for the year of 2018/19, we aim to build a proactive culture of reflection and trust.

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G10 Work Experience Week

"As well as providing an opportunity for you to enhance your skills and knowledge, work experience can help you clarify your career goals."

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering G10 students a Work Experience Week at...

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Pockey Money - Ameen's math challenge

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G9 Macbeth monologues

G9 are studying Macbeth. They have just finished writing their own monologues based on characters from the play. Here are some of their wonderful pieces of work.

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Language Programmes at Halcyon

The school aims to nurture an appreciation of the richness and diversity of language.

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IBDP Creativity, Activity and Service Presentations

Grade 12 have finished their programme of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), part of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). The primary purpose of CAS projects is for students to actively learn from doing tasks beyond the classroom and providing...

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IBDP is best university preparatory curriculum say UK/US institutions

The University Admissions Officers Report 2016

“As a diploma student, I have been able to explore and flourish in my selected areas of interest through both the core elements of the Extended Essay, CAS and Theory of Knowledge, but also in my...

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What is the IB?

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Curriculum Creativity at Halcyon

The curriculum at Halcyon is designed to enable students to be as creative as possible. Students are not only assessed on their knowledge and understanding of subjects, but their ability to investigate, communicate and apply the learning. Here are a...

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IB Diploma Programme Research

Research: IB Diploma Programme students’ enrollment and outcomes at US postsecondary institutions (2008–2014).

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The benefits of being an IB Diploma Programme student

Acceptance rates: IBDP students have a higher rate of university and college acceptance.

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Why an IB education is relevant today

The panel discussion held at Halcyon this week was a success and huge thanks go to the Halcyon Parent Community (HPC) representatives, Kerry Morgan and Stacey Ciauri, for their work in organising a thought-provoking and distinguished panel of...

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New Studies Explore IB Students’ Preparedness for Success in the 21st Century

In the IB’s 2014 Review of Research, results find IB programmes to have a positive impact on student preparedness for college, career and civic life. It was found that:

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