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Start here; go anywhere. An IB education at Halcyon incorporates project-based learning and one-to-one teaching to open up pathways to the world’s most competitive universities.

Our future; built together. Halcyon pioneers the intentional use of education technology; perfectly adaptable to become London’s most successful remote learning environment.

Empowering every student to create a better world. Halcyon’s close international community inspires our students to embrace different perspectives, think creatively and lead change.

Together we achieve the extraordinary. At Halcyon we work to change the face of traditional education and prepare students to adapt to an unknown future through a creative and collaborative learning environment and a robust wellbeing programme.

Inspiring one student at a time. At Halcyon, young learners explore their passions in small classes designed for building teamwork skills, critical thinking and the confidence to lead.

We invest in your future. Driving a culture of innovation that produces engaging, thought-provoking and dynamic lessons in a variety of formats, on campus or remotely.